Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Foreign Aid And The Millennium Development Goals

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Title: Assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of Foreign Aid and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) project in Bangladesh and Nepal
Research Question: How does Foreign Aid impact Gender Inequality in Bangladesh and Nepal?
The impact of gender inequality in Bangladesh and Nepal is often influenced by the lack of good governance in impoverished countries such as these. Without good governance, it is likely that only a fraction of that aid will go towards rebuilding the lives of survivors from a natural disaster. Natural disasters can also be a strong indicator as to how much relief a country receives from donor countries in order to eradicate hunger and poverty. Such tragic events can also cause distress to women and
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A main component of the essay will encompass how aid agencies administer foreign aid and targeting or donating to people in need.
There also lies the issue of child marriages within Bangladesh. It is now considered an epidemic, as many young girls are forced into marriages due to unsafe conditions and poverty in Bangladesh. According to the Guardian, “Plan International Bangladesh, Save the Children and HRW are among the groups that have called on the government to keep the minimum age of marriage for girls at 18”. (Ford, 2015) Child marriages can also be linked to development goals such as maternal health, where women and young girls are often left with no support after natural disasters. According to a report released by UNICEF, maternal health is a very prevalent issue in Bangladesh considering adolescent mothers are often at risk due to “women 's low status in society, the poor quality of maternity care services, lack of trained providers, low uptake of services by women and infrastructure.” (UNICEF, p.2) Therefore, it is evident that maternal health and class structure correlate and multilateral aid is deemed to be more helpful than bilateral aid.
In determining how foreign aid is supporting Nepal, we will look at how Nepal has benefited from donor countries with respect to the recent earthquake in Nepal which killed thousands and left people impoverished. Many donor countries have aid programs which will be discussed further in the

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