Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Maryland 's Correctional Education Program

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Abstract: This research proposals seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of Maryland’s Correctional Education program, by examining Maryland’s Criminal Justice Reinvestment program. The goal of the reinvestment program is to reinvest freed funds from closing select prisons back into the criminal justice system and use them to improve correctional education and rehabilitation programs. The end goal is to have an ex-offender that is able to provide for themselves without returning back to crime. Studies have shown that those who complete a correctional educational or rehabilitative program are less likely to recidivise than inmates that do not. The focus of the study will be to examine the implementation of the program, and to track inmates during the first three to five years after their release. From previous research we have learned the most likely causes of recidivism, yet with this study we will be able to examine the potential of decreasing recidivism to acceptable rates below 10%. Combating recidivism and the continuously growing prison population has been an ongoing problem that has been steadily draining federal, state, and local budgets. In a vain attempt to reduce recidivism the criminal justice system made sentences harsher, which in turn lead to more prisons being built to house the booming prison population. For almost 30 years’ researchers have sought answers for why so many criminals return to crime within five years of being released. These

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