Evaluating The Eops Against A Checklist, And A Data Analysis Essay

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Methodology To answer the two research questions, the case study methodology consists of a research design to acquire EOPs for survey, data collection to evaluate the EOPs against a checklist, and a data analysis. Research Design The criteria for case samples are government organizations along the Front Range of Colorado that have emergency operations plans and do not overlap in jurisdiction, with the exception of the State of Colorado. The case sample consists of six organizations – the State of Colorado, County of Pueblo, City and County of Boulder, City of Colorado Springs, the City of Evans, and Carbon Valley. Given the limited number of cases included in this study, this project cannot generalize findings to any broader set of cases; however, it provides a useful comparative analysis for the client. Data Collection Method For this case study, six emergency operations plans were collected, along with a checklist containing recommendations for evaluating the EOPs. Only plans labeled as “Emergency Operations Plan,” were collected as this is the common term promoted by the National Response Framework (FEMA, 2015). This avoids confusion with other plans that may be similar in nature, such as emergency response plans or standard operating procedures. Plans were downloaded from the organization’s website or acquired by contacting the organization by phone or email (See Appendix B for information to retrieve surveyed EOPs). Each organization’s resources is based on 2016
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