Evaluating The Geographical Targeting Should Adopt For The Nfm Application

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• In prioritizing for HIV component, a national dialogue was conducted to determine what approach the geographical targeting would adopt for the NFM application. As such, the following was conducted:
• Gap analysis based on epidemiological and program data with particular focus on treatment gaps
• TB high burden states and prioritization by the TB program using their ranking criteria
• PEPFAR priority states were considered alongside the TB and HIV priority states
• Adopted a cross-cutting national approach
• The country dialogue led to identification of national strategies, resource available, Technical Assistance needs, and country prioritized activities for TB/HIV.
Status of the current grant/concept notes for TB and HIV
• The Nigeria CCM coordinated the development and submission of concept notes using the NFM to access funding for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Health System Strengthening (HSS).
• The CCM submitted a joint concept note for TB/HIV to the Global Fund in August 2014 (Table 3). The new grant funding was expected in July 2015, however, unexpected delays occurred due to the need for the CCM to provide evidence on the commitment of Government to fund ATM in the country. There have been delays with providing such documents and led to delays. Hopefully, the grant will be available in August 2015.
• The concept note for TB and HIV begins with the
• Country context (epidemiology of TB and HIV, Procurement Supply Chain Management, service delivery, human…

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