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Introduction This report is created to evaluate the Historia website: http://www.women-scientists-in-history.com/historia.html. The page that will be mostly reference is the about page of this website. The design of the website, which includes typography is the major issue of the website, I could see from the start. This report will be centered around design and typography aspect. I evaluated the site in two ways, one was just by looking at the site and the other was by looking at the html codes and the CSS file. The website I chose also had a javascript file, but I did not analyze it, since we hadn’t studied it in the course of this class. About the Website The website is named Historia. This name is placed in a circle with a ladybug (logo of the site). The website has a baby blue background with purple ladybugs. The headings are in purple or what we call in French “mauve” (it’s a pinkish purple). The website is about the important historical women figure of science. The menu for the website is to the left in purple writing. The navigation through pages and different important women can lead to other links, which have not been updated (some of the links do not work anymore). The copyright 1999-2006, which could explain why some links don’t work anymore and makes you wonder if any information has been updated. The website when saved to a computer has a first general html file that you will see if you download any other pages. It also has an HTML page for the page you

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