Evaluating The Individual Care Plan For A Relationship With A Patient

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Pediatric nursing does not only consist of caring for and building a trusting relationship with a patient, but a relationship must also be established with the family. Incorporating both the patient and family as the center of care is important for numerous reasons. By not just addressing the patient but involving the family as a whole, it creates an environment filled with empowerment, safety, and minimal distress. No two families are alike and each have their own unique needs that need to be acknowledged throughout the plan of care. This focus must be incorporated when constructing the individual care plan for teaching the patient and family about the preventative, supportive, and management interventions needed to help diminish…show more content…
Therapy is individualized for each child and is aimed at prevention and treating pulmonary infections, maintaining optimal nutritional status, and promoting psychological adjustment(McKinney,James,Murray,Nelson,Ashwill, 2013, p.1186). Thick mucus gets trapped throughout the body making the patient susceptible to infection,breathing complications, and malnourishment. The patient was admitted for two of these things. Education needs to be centered around measures of prevention that may be utilized at home. Respiratory medications and various forms of chest physiotherapy will need to be performed to help loosen and mobilize thick secretions. Hydration is also a key factor in thinning mucus. Proper instructions on the correct use of both must be provided. Antibiotics may be prescribed for continuous use or on a as per needed basis. For acute exacerbations, importance must be placed on the completion of the entire antibiotics. Not completing antibiotics leaves the patient susceptible to relapse and allows the bacteria to grow resistance. Exercise is also encouraged to maintain pulmonary function. Swimming, jogging and weight training are a few activities that are recommended. Malnourishment is going to be another major problem. A diet high in calories and fat is needed. Pancreatic enzymes must be taken with all meals and snacks to help digest food allowing
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