Evaluating The Lifestyle Of The Graduate Students At Central Michigan University

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Research Approach The purpose of this project is to evaluate the lifestyle of the graduate students at Central Michigan University. The evaluation is done through an online survey which has 10-15 questions with simple yes or no responses and a few open ended questions. An online has an advantage of lower bias and a better opportunity to survey maximum number of the participants and collect the responses in a short period of time. Data Collection Approach and Procedures Data to be collected. For this survey the graduate students at the Central Michigan University will be used. The survey population includes both domestic and international graduate students. An e-news letter containing the cover letter and short invitation to participate in the survey is sent to all the graduate students of the University. The e- newsletter has a survey link attached where the students can gain access and participate. The survey will remain until sufficient sample size that represent the population is reached. The importance of the survey questions is explained in the table below: Table1. Survey Question and its Purpose Survey Question Topic Purpose Eating fruits and vegetables a day Helps to identify the nutritional status and nutritional pattern of the individuals Performing Exercises To estimate the activity level of the individual Frequency of the physician visits To identify the
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