Evaluating The Medias Representations Of Science And Technology With Focus On Female Scientists

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critically evaluating the medias representations of science and technology with focus on female scientists in Film. In order to set the scene for my case study it’s important to discuss and analyze how science is perceived in the media in relation to gender and what impact its having on society.

The representation of women in the fields of science in the media is controversial. My research examines how women scientists are represented film, I’ve decided to use this form of media because film has a huge effects on viewers and it can be a form of education, especially amongst the younger generations, If SET jobs aren’t represented correctly then adolescents may not be engaged enough to learn and get educated in this area. I’ll be examining who is represented, how they are represented and the ways careers in science are portrayed. As well as analyzing media representations I have also looked at interviews from scientists and representatives from scientific organisations to explore their views and experiences of dealing with the media.

Firstly I’ll be looking at the ideologies around knowledge equaling power, David Goldblatt wrote the book Knowledge and the social science: theory, method and practice (2000), his theories on the knowledge of authority from such professions like doctors gives me a great insight into the status professions in the SET jobs have.

Science is Knowledge

“Knowledge is power” said Sir Francis Bacon, the construction of scientific…
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