Evaluating The New Process For Managing Priorities At Volkswagen Of America

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Q1) During the 10 years from 1992 through 2002, VWoA considered IT as a source of overhead and prioritized more on marketing and selling activities by allocating all the available funds. According to Matulovic, the major issues at VWoA were not related to IT but rather to the ambiguity that surrounded governance and development process. Assessment of the new process for managing priorities at Volkswagen of America? Significantly, he empowered PMO (program management Office) that focuses on proper planning prior to execution phase in order to generate on-schedule and on-budget projects. Hence, Matulovic satisfied that projects are working in a right manner. In order to choose the right projects to fund, the new process was implemented which is very organized, more structured and select projects based on the business requirements/scope. Several Organizational entities played a role in creating and managing a new process for managing priorities at VWoA. The focus of new process have been on aligning IT projects with Organizational goals i.e., each of the top three projects of business units should map to one of the major enterprise goals. Since the budget is limited ($60 million capped by VWAG), the funds are allocated to the projects which are highly prioritized by their business units. Business architecture played an important role in formalizing governance and prioritization process as it provided means of categorizing organization activities including IT projects and

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