What Is The 5 Key Process Of Appraising Performance Appraisals

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Appraising Performance Appraisals
Employee performance management is the yearlong continuous collaboration between the supervisor and employee to develop agreed upon employee goals that meet company expectations and support organizational objectives. During this continuous planning time discussions are focused on clarifying responsibilities, establishing objectives, setting goals, conferring feedback, and appraising results.
Depending on a company’s preferences, the performance management process may have between three to five key process steps or phases. For purpose of this paper I will discuss the process using a three-phase model. These three key steps of a performance management process include: a planning phase, a monitoring phase, a review phase.
“Phase 1 Planning/Goal setting conference - The planning phase is a collaborative effort involving both managers and employees during which they will:
• Review the employee’s job description to determine if it reflects the work that the employee is currently doing. If the employee has taken on new responsibilities or the job has changed significantly, the job description should be updated.
• Identify and review the links between the employee’s job description, his or her work plan and the organization’s goals, objectives and strategic plan.
• Develop a work plan that outlines the tasks or deliverables to be completed, expected results and measures or standards that will be used to evaluate performance.
• Identify three

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