Evaluating The Performance Of A Six Sigma Project

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The discovery of X- ray brings a huge change to the field of diagnostic imaging. Nuclear medicine, magnetic resonance imaging, PET (positron emission tomography), and other advance technologies are all appeared within the following decades since 1985. The availability of faster and smarter technologies launched leading to growing needs of recruit and retain qualified technologists. Although innovation and technology opened up more life-saving possibilities for patients, the processes surrounding diagnostic imaging services have not kept pace with the creative technologies. The critique essay aims to evaluate the performances of a six sigma project,Applying Six Sigma to Improve Diagnostic Imaging, by using the 10-point checklist which was determined by Thomas and Arne. The 10-point checklist is used to evaluate ongoing six sigma project at specific milestones and part of the lesson was learned after project completion then the company can find project failures and drive a sustainable growth business.
Although today’s imaging technologies are high quality and accuracy, it outpaced the development of operational processes surrounding diagnostic imaging services. Many organizations face delays in report turn-around time and a backlog of patients waiting for appointments. Negative results of diminished capacity and productivity include: delay in diagnosis and treatment, emergency department bottlenecks. They lead to increased length of stay, patient and referring
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