Evaluating The Performance Of Individuals And Teams Is Appraisals

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Within my setting a process we use to monitor, evaluate the performance of individuals and teams is appraisals. “All contracted staff should receive some sort of appraisal with their line manager” Daly M el al (2004 p.2070). Appraisals are good process for both managers and the staff team to openly discuss performances and quality of production and output at work. “Appraisals are regular meetings between employers and subordinate, providing a non-threatening routine occasion when work standards cam be discussed and suggestions for improvement can be jointly decided”. Sadek and Sadek (2004 p.134). To carry out a successful appraisal there is a few stages to make sure that all the correct…show more content…
Myself and the manager had a few conversations between ourselves and we had noticed that our room leader wasn’t ready to be a room leader yet, needing to build on her knowledge and understanding of the age of the children. We called a meeting with the room leader and discussed with her how she felt the room was running and her performance. We decided we would put the PIP into place to help her to have some clear goals and objectives to work towards within a timescale. When we called the room leader back on the date of review she spoke very openly and said she found the PIP helpful and it helped give her a guide of what needed to be done and when for. Carrying out this process made our room leader realise that she was not quite ready for the role, she felt she didn’t have the right knowledge or years’ experience and she would like to step down and begin on developing these. The meeting that we carried out went well as the room leader had come to realise she wasn’t ready on her own without us having to take further action. What could have been done better is when she had stepped up to be room leader we could have put a clear PDP into place and that way it would have been picked up on a lot sooner. Providing feedback to a team can be done in a few different ways, when its providing feedback for a team it is important for the team to realise that feedback
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