Evaluating The Physical Environment Audit Checklist Provided

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Site Survey There are many considerations when selecting a location to conduct business and this decision should include more factors than cost alone. The selection process should also include a risk analysis that examines the additional risks associated with the physical security as well as risk brought about by natural or man-made disasters. By employing such consideration not only protects an organization’s assets, but also provides a roadmap to develop methods and procedures for the successful deployment of physical access controls as well as the development Disaster Recover plans (DRPs) and business continuity plans (MMB, 2012). This may be a daunting task to complete as there are a large number of variables that can disrupt…show more content…
Utilizing the PEAC, the student can identify possible reasons for missing or inadequate physical security controls as well as speculate on how these controls can be made better. The facility being examined is used by several departments that conduct minor functions such as payroll, network surveillance, business training, and IT maintenance. There are very few offices, and most services are part of larger off-site departments. Nevertheless, the facility also serves a vital role as a data center and a node in emergency call routing center for a large geographic network. The facility itself was constructed in the 1950’s in a residential neighborhood. It was built at a time when most risks were not existent or as highly rated as they are today. However, since the emergence and growth of potential threats, little has been done to correct the facility’s shortcomings. In fact, many of the facility’s physical controls depend on its ambiguity, because most persons are unaware of the facility’s importance. Consequently, many necessary physical controls have fallen to the wayside in favor of cost reducing measures. This has led to the discovery of several key items that could of concern. For the purpose of this paper, these physical security controls will be divided into the perimeter, exterior, and
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