Evaluating The President Is The Best President

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Evaluating the President Essay ‘“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man 's character, give him power.’ -Abraham Lincoln” ("Quotes”, par. 4). Lincoln was able to lead the country successfully in a position of great power, even when there was pressure and hardship. President Lincoln is the best president because he was decisive, kindhearted, and trustworthy. Decisiveness is essential for a great leader because they must know what they want to do, and then they must confidently act on it. One example where Lincoln showed decisiveness is his decision to hold Fort Sumter, and later his decision to declare war. One day after President Lincoln took office, he received a message from Major Robert Anderson, commander of the troops at Fort Sumter. Lincoln was informed that the troops were running low on supplies, such as ammunition and food. Lincoln had to decide whether to order the troops to stay, or to give up the Fort to the Confederacy by leaving and coming back to the Union. He asked his cabinet for advice, and even though there were conflicting opinions, Lincoln did what he thought was best . Lincoln decided that he would continue to have the troops hold the fort. He would try to get supplies to them by sending an unarmed boats to Fort Sumter. The boats were unarmed so that if the Confederate troops attacked, they would look aggressive and violent. In the end, this approach helped prevent four states from seceding the Union (“Fort Sumter” 1-5). The
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