Evaluating The Retention And Development Of Their Employees

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Assessing Internal Candidates Chern’s talent philosophy involves the retention and development of their employees. In a recent analysis of the turnover data, the executives learned that a disproportionate number of good sales associates had left the organization. These sales associates could have been potentially strong candidates for the department manager and assistant department manager positions. Chern’s uses supervisor recommendations and structured interviews to promote about 75 percent of their sales associates to department managers and assistant department managers. In the exit interviews the sales associates indicated that they were leaving because they didn’t feel there was the potential of reaching the managerial positions they wanted. This indicates that Chern’s efforts to communicate promotional opportunities and succession planning intentions to high-potential sales associates is not sufficient. Chern’s needs to improve their internal promotion practices to ensure high-potential sales associates are developed and retained or the managerial positions. Chern’s needs to complete an internal assessment of the organizations current employees for training, reassignment, promotion and dismissal purposes. The internal assessment can help Chern’s determine if their employees fit the requirements for the managerial positions within the organization. By assessing their current employees’ abilities, willingness to learn and ability to adapt to new situations along with
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