Evaluating The Strategic Factors And Approaches Of Nestle Company

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Nestle Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate Nestle Company industry based on the case study and comprehend how the company develops strategic intent for their business organizations following the strategic factors and approaches. I will analyze the strategic management process as firm used to achieve strategic competitiveness. In order to strengthen this assignment about Nestle, there are several methods of gathering data has been conducted, such as Core Competencies analysis and BCG Matrix Analysis. By the end of this assignment, future strategy will be mentioned as well as my recommendations about Nestle that will fit into strategic orientation in order to perform bettering their business world. Part 1: Critically examine the strategic factors and approaches of Nestle in this study? Are these strategies used by meeting its strategic objectives in your opinion? Give valid explanation why you feel so? Organizational Strategies: Vision and Mission Since its inception, Nestle has been increasingly aware that food and beverage choice can impact quality of life, so they are committed to make their products tastier and healthier and to provide more options for global consumers. Nestle is widely known as the world’s largest multinational food and beverage company, with a 148-year history and operation in virtually every country in the world. Nestle was founded in the year 1866 by Swiss pharmacist Henri Nestle in Vevey, Switzerland. With successful

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