Evaluating The Structural Factors That Impacted The Staff Meetings Of Rehabilitation Employment Division

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Assessing Group Process and Skill Selection Junie T. Arisme Barry University July 9th, 2015 Abstract This paper will highlight the structural factors that impacted the staff meetings of Rehabilitation Employment Division (R.E.D.) and its development. This paper will evaluate the structural factors that may impact this group. This paper will touch on the Norms and rituals; expressions of feelings/affects; membership dynamics, participation and levels of styles and influence. Also, covered will be any ethical issues that may have arisen within this group. Introduction/Background The group that will be discussed in this paper is that of Jewish Community Services’, Rehabilitation Education Division. This is the division…show more content…
The next course of action is to accept the client for services, then we schedule an intake assessment with each client, to access the level of needs of the client. After assessing the needs of each client, we devise a course of action that details the level of service we will provide and the level of participation needed of the client. Structural Factors This group session was a departmental meeting held at the central office located in North Miami with team members from all three locations; Miami Central, Broward and South Miami offices. The meeting was held in really close quarters in the Department director’s office. We had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate every one. The department head sat at her desk, and we sat around her desk in a semi-circle, indicating that she was in charge and we were her attendants. The meeting ran for about two hours, mainly discussing the process of keeping our files in order because the certification team was coming to audit our files for recertification. From my understanding, R.E.D has always escaped citations during the recertification process. The Meeting Meeting was held on July 8th, 2015 at Jewish Community Services of South Florida, in North Miami, the central office location, one of the three south Florida locations. Meeting was scheduled to begin at 2:00 pm. Every one showed up on time and meeting was able to start on time. There were

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