Evaluating The Upcoming ' Powerlines Undergrounding Project

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In this report, I will be looking at theories and frameworks to critically evaluate the upcoming ‘Powerlines Undergrounding Project’. The project is to relocate 52 electricity pylons in order to create space for construction. We are going to create two tunnels under the Olympic Park, to carry the power cables and substations, this will also form part of EDF Energy and National Grid strategic infrastructure (APM, n.d.). Project Objectives: 1. Meet the programme 2. Process and result of project should be of good quality 3. Manage risk effectively 4. Ensure health and safety of everyone involved or could be affected by the project 5. Create value for money 6. Keep customers supplies and also London “switched on” by the project Key…show more content…
Using the Scrum methodology would be more suitable for this project, as you would need to be able to go back steps and have the flexibility to accommodate unexpected circumstances that may require change, which is something that you can’t do in waterfall methodology. However, the use of Prince2 methodology is also good as it is better at managing and controlling the project which ensures key stakeholders that the project is being managed effectively (Buehring, 2015). I personally think that keeping both methodologies in mind is better than choosing one. Prince2 is a plan based approach, which is what the project needs, and the scrum methodology are responsive to changes which is also what we need as there’s a possibility of having many unforeseen risk throughout the project (Buehring, 2015). Work Breakdown Structure helps to organize tasks by clearly laying it out into a logical sequence. It also enables easy allocation of time, and clearly shows who is responsible for each task. It can be set out in various ways, but the most popular is the tree structure view as it’s easier to understand. (Project Management Docs, n.d.) Once the project planning team is satisfied with the WBS, we can then allocate time, people and budget for each task. We can use past data to estimate how long each task will take or use the weighted average technique, where we take the quickest time we
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