Evaluating The Variable Of Customer Feedback With Respect For Service Quality Of University Campus Sports Center

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1. INTRODUCTION The following report presents the analysis based on the results generated from SERVQUAL survey. The subsequent survey was conducted in order to evaluate the variable of customer feedback with respect to service quality of University campus sports center in North England. As a result of this analysis it was identified that there were certain loopholes within the facility of service quality which had direct consequences for customer satisfaction. The following analysis relied on a quantitative research approach. SPSS software was utilized in order to analyze the numerical data gathered during the research. 1.1 Aim of the study The following research has been conducted with the intentions to assess and…show more content…
2. EVALUATION OF THE SURVEY QUESTIONNAIRE The data was collected using a quantitative approach and a random sampling method. Based on the fact that the quantitative method makes use of numerical values and such data that can easily be examined by applying relevant statistical methods, it can be concluded that the present research has been created using a quantitative model (Abili, 2012). The main purpose of this research was to understand how the customers viewed the services being provided to them at the sports center in the Campus University in North England and evaluate them in the 5 dimensions of SERVQUAL. A regular SERVQUAL questionnaire was used for the study. Christensen (2011) in his study has concluded that the SERVQUAL questionnaire determines the difference between what the customer expects and what service is provided in reality. This research focused primarily on what the customers perceived about the quality of services being provided rather than their expectations. There were 3 questions; the first one evaluated the perception of the respondent in terms of the 5 dimensions. A 5 point scale was used for evaluation with 1 being the ‘Low’ and 5 being ‘High’. The second question required the participants to give weightage to the SERVQUAL dimensions emphasizing on their importance and keeping the total to 100. The last question was about the participant’s demographics, where the gender, study area, membership
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