Evaluating The Viability Of A Business Idea By Providing An Overview

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Introduction A feasibility study examines the viability of a business idea by providing an overview of primary issues related to it. It determines whether the idea makes sense, identifies any potential problems, preventing its success, and analyzes information gathered before deciding whether to proceed with the idea or not. The feasibility study studies four major areas: the market, organizational, technology, and financial, before concluding the viability and procession. Likewise, the feasibility study for Stacy’s Helping Hand analyzes issues related to the market, technology, financial, and organizational before drawing a conclusion. Before the study begins, the concept statement for Stacy’s Helping Hand below provides a little background information about the business idea under evaluation.
New Business Concept
Stacy’s Helping Hand for Special Needs
Stacy’s Helping Hand for Special Needs (Stacy’s Helping Hand) is a multi-product, general merchandise discount store similar to a Super Target or Super Wal-Mart, but with a couple of benefits: store design and layout, a special services or Resource Center, and Innovative Creations.
The store design and layout are a major advantage over other similar stores, such as Target and Wal-Mart. The store’s physical size is approximately 200,000 - 250,000 square feet. Aisles sizes accommodate at least five wheelchairs side-by-side. Shelf height is below four feet high. Checkout aisles have wide counters with the point-of-sale
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