Evaluating Website Usability

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Evaluating Website Usability Evaluating Website Usability Most of the world has been affected by the great influence technology has had upon us. Just a few decades ago, there were no such things as the Internet, websites, and mass produced digital technologies. The Internet is a critical aspect to the lives of most people on Earth. Whether people are using the Internet as part of the global economy or posting personal information on FaceBook, terms such as usability are very important. The paper will evaluate a website specifically dedicated to usability and spreading methods of effective usability. Websites take time, energy, and money to build; to build a website that people do not visit or that has low usability is a waste of those resources. Usability is a significant aspect to the lives of people who heavily rely on the Internet and without adequate website usability, the Internet would collapse. Usability is a term that refers to the level of ease with which users interact with a particular website. Success on the Internet is a combination of factors. The website should be aesthetically distinctive, yet simple meaning, it should be eye-catching and interesting to look at, but it should not be overly busy or conform to some sort of aesthetic principles clearly. Users are distracted by ugly websites. Ugly is a relative term, so the aesthetics must appeal to the intended audience. Website designers and the organizations they represent must know their audiences well.

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