Evaluating a Potential Employer

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Evaluating a Potential Employer
Total Quality Logistics

I have prepared an employer evaluation of Total Quality Logistics who is based in Cincinnati Ohio. A few years ago they opened one of their first satellite offices in Columbus Ohio. Their overall goal for opening each satellite office is to open in cities they believe have great talent potential. The company is always in search of new talent. They send recruiters to all area campuses on a monthly basis in search of talent to bring in for interviews.
I personally chose this company because I have first-hand experience of the environment as a former employee. I believe this job has extraordinary entry level opportunity and gives every employee an opportunity to build their
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This number still only accounts for 2% of the market. The industry is rife with competition, but TQL separates itself by utilizing every tool the industry has to offer. With hundreds of thousands of sales leads at your disposal, you have every opportunity to succeed. TQL has a very comprehensive paid training program that involves classroom training, 6 moths of job shadowing, and a 6 month period that allows you to build your own book of business. TQL revenue at the end of 2013 was 1.6 billion dollars. By the end of 2014 they are projecting over 2 billion dollars in revenue. So to recap.
1. TQL only accounts for 2% of the market.
2. TQL has access to hundreds of thousands of sales leads.
3. TQL offers a paid and comprehensive 12 month training program.
This project is informational. The purpose is to advocate a fast paced growing company that offers unlimited earning potential and growth opportunities. TQL will train you to be the best. If you succeed in in the industry TQL will offer you management opportunities, and the opportunity to open you own satellite office.
The research in this project comes from both primary secondary resources.
• Internet research, In person interviews.
TQL background
TQL is a non-asset based company. What this means is that TQL operates without its own Trucks for shipping. What this allows TQL to do is offer its customers capacity, and flexibility while fulfilling their needs for shipping. TQL has
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