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English Assessment Task – Analytical Response: Evaluating an interpretation of literature The text ‘A Most Lamentable Man’ written by Christine Marlowe is an interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet which portrays arguments about Friar Laurence, indicating that he was to blame for the tragic ending to the play. Marlowe Claims "Throughout the plot, it is the actions of Friar Laurence, and he alone that are most significant in ensuring the final tragedy of the play." The statement proves that she believes the Friar to be the influence or the main reason the star crossed lovers die whereas in Shakespeare's original version he made the Friar a caring man that just wants to help the young couple and marry them in the unlikely event that…show more content…
She decides to use words and phrases like ‘malicious’, ‘dangerous’, ‘reckless’, ‘not dependable’, ‘unreliable’and ‘weak’ to falsely describe him and his actions. Marlowe cleverly included these words to create a stronger impact on the audience to influence their final thoughts about Friar Laurence after reading her version and Shakespeare’s original portrayal. By doing this she is stripping him of his title and therefore all of his wisdom and power. She mentions in her text “Shakespeare’s subtle use of language and literary devices provides early indication of a fatal flaw in Friar Laurence, which guides Romeo and Juliet toward tragedy.” Marlowe shows a successful use of literary devices for example, Foreshadowing, paradox, soliloquy and so on, unfortunately lacking truth and accuracy, to persuade readers that Friar Laurence played the key role in Romeo & Juliet’s end. Marlowe claims “Interestingly Shakespeare provides early warning about the internal flaws of Laurence in his use of language earlier in the play.” There is another side to this story, Shakespeare’s original version, which is the more accurate version in my eyes. Christine Marlowe may have fooled some people with her interpretation about the Friar, but not in this case. She demonstrated an interpretation in the plot, being that she misguidedly portrayed the Friar and his actions, she perceives Friar
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