Evaluating and Improving Hr Practices Within an Organization

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Introduction Corporate America and government agencies continue to improve their HR practices to stay competitive in today's changing marketplace. By taking too long to find and to hire talented professionals in a tight labor market, companies and government agencies are losing out on top candidates and limiting their ability to become innovative and dynamic organizations. Traditional, deliberate, and risk-averse hiring and retention models lead to positions remaining open for long periods, opportunities lost as top prospects find other positions, and a reduction in the overall talent level of the organization. To be more competitive and effective in their recruitment and retnetion processes, organizations must foster manageable…show more content…
Once the source of defects has been identified, an improvement program can be defined and implemented to remove these causes of defects (http://www.taleo.com).
What is a defect in internal recruiting? The Six Sigma methodology defines a defect in terms of the expectations of the customer, which in the case of an internal recruiting department is the hiring manager. Hiring an unqualified candidate, a below-average performer, or even an employee that demonstrates a lack of fit to the corporate culture could all be considered a defective outcome of the recruiting process. How can you reduce defects in corporate recruiting?
Screening out unqualified candidates
Recruiting can be viewed as a screening process. This is especially true during periods of high unemployment, when the job market is characterized by an oversupply of talent. Under these conditions, the recruiting function in an organization is to eliminate unqualified people as much as to seek out talent. To improve the quality of an overall recruiting process, each step of the process must be designed to maximize the probability that the candidate ultimately selected meets the expectations of the hiring manager. One way to do this is to maximize the chances that an unqualified candidate is screened out at each step. The following are some key areas in which to focus on quality (Ibid.).
Talent Definition
To drive
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