Evaluating the Ethics of Deicit Spending Using Haidt’s Six Ethical Principles

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Deficit spending is defined as excess spending of income or assets in a given period. (, 2014) In other words, it means that the government continues to increase spending when we already owe more than a trillion dollars. Throughout this paper I will be evaluating the ethics of this topic using with my own personal opinion along with Haidt’s six ethical principles. (, 2014) I will also explore the strengths and weaknesses of my argument using articles from the Washington Post and CBS news that support reduced government deficit spending.
My Viewpoint:
I’ll begin with Haidt’s first ethical principal of harm and care. I feel that our current government is not being responsible with …show more content…

(, 2014)
The third ethical principle is loyalty and betrayal, which requires self-sacrifice for the group as a whole. Government deficit spending has been a hot topic of controversy for many years with the biggest concern being continued out of control spending will cause more benefits to some individuals and less to others. There is little self-sacrifice being demonstrated when most government workers such as senators and congressmen get paid outrageous sums of money to do their jobs. A little self-sacrifice would be a great start and it would show the country that they share loyalty with us when spending our money. (, 2014) The fourth ethical principle involves leadership, followership, legitimate authority and respect for tradition. Based on this principle I feel that our government could do a much better job. They need to take the lead and show responsibility for their spending by working toward a balanced budget. There needs to be an increase in checks and balances so that they are forced to curb their spending and maintain a much lower deficit. I realize that their will always be some debt but using their authority to continue to drive America down doesn’t seem like a legitimate use of power. Based on this I don’t feel that these ethical principles are being honored. (, 2014) The fifth ethical principle revolves around living in a more noble way. To be noble is to do the right thing for the group at

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