Evaluating the Framework of the Integrative Model of Work Attitudes, Motivation and Performance,

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Evaluating the framework of the Integrative Model of Work Attitudes, Motivation and Performance, by Raymond A. Katzell, Donna E. Thompson, 1990 
Motivation is Psychology drive to achieve goals. There are many theories of motivation that can be combined then the capacity of each theory will predict the reality of people 's behaviour in work environment. Katzell and Thompson developed in 1990 a comprehensive theoretical model of work attitudes, motivation, and performance based on a key constructs prevalent in more limited theories. The constructs were selected on the basis of their importance as shown by past researches and because of their complementarities. The framework connects the constructs causally on the basis of both…show more content…
It can be the achievement of the objective, for example; the quantity, quality, innovation of production, or effect indirectly performance; for example: people who are leaving the company or people who prefer to stay home. In other word, performance is also a result of your effort. Reinforcement is the attempt to develop or strengthen desirable behaviour by either bestowing positive consequences or withholding negative consequences2. Positive reinforcement induce behaviours of a pleasant consequence and Negative reinforcement increases the frequency of behaviour through the contingent removal of an unpleasant consequence. It is normal that Reinforcement works well to a new task. Instrumentality is the probability of certain level of performance that can bring a certain result or it is referring to the individual perceptions if one really gets the desired reward. Equity is the individual which compare the other individual in the organization of what the other do. Employees determine what their equitable return should be after comparing their inputs and outcomes with those of their co-workers. This concept is referred to as "social comparison". (Adams J.S, 1965). Self-efficacy is the belief in one 's capabilities to organize and execute the course of action required to manage prospective situations3. Working smart and working hard increase the level of Performance The evaluations of this
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