Evaluating the Impact of Change Within a Hotel Operation

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Evaluating the impact of change within a hotel operation: A case study of the Churchill Hotel in London


The dissertation will examine 2 areas of International Business often use when dealing with Strategic and Operations Management:

• Service Quality for Businesses and Suharaman’s theory of SERVQUAL
• The Effect of organizational change on staff

Using the Churchill Hotel in London was a good example of an organization that had to rely heavily on the key strategies of organizational change and service quality after the Hotel changed management from Inter-continental Hotels to Hyatt International in January 2004. The Dissertation would examine how the Hotel has coped with the change in the 2 years after
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Brand identity is the key source to sustain long term competitive advantage to the organisation.
• Corporate reputation can be defied as the strategic capability to expand and maintain. Exploiting corporate reputation is the main source of maintaining long term competitive advantages to the organisation
• Strategic assets, resulting from the possession by the organisation of a specific market position or strategic feature that is unavailable or inaccessible to competitors.

With this definition of what Critical Success Factors definition is, the next area would be to look at what Critical Success Factors (“things that must be done if the company is to become successful” Freud 1988) and how these will understandably vary from various projects and businesses however the emphasis is on having the right people for the right job.
The next part would be to examine Critical Success Factors specifically for the Hotel Industry and attempt to compare what theorist would defy as appropriate to the Churchill’s current state under the Hyatt. The primary emphasis would be to look at Service Quality and Customer satisfaction.

Marketing of Services:
This area would look at specifically whether or not the marketing of the hotel and how specifically it is marketed is
The main area to evaluate would be Journals such as Alder’s 2001 establish belief that marketing should be integrated with overall

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