Evaluating the Performance of Information Technology Strategic Planning Through Itsp Alignment Model

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Evaluating the performance of Information Technology Strategic Planning through ITSP Alignment model Mohammed A. H. Altemimi, M. S. Zakaria and Y. Yahya Abstract. Most of organizations endeavor to employing IT as tool for a competitive and supporting the capability of IT to accomplishment the objective of organization as well as enhance the alignment between IT and business strategy. The research question in this paper; is how to evaluate ITSP performance from manager’s perspective. The suggested model leads to the development a successful IT strategic plan performance, enabling planning with business strategy and allowing technology to provide for competitive advantage. They are often need to find a reliable ways to ensure that the…show more content…
Indicators as guidance for doing so must be in accord with business change and organizational context [7]. Previous researches have not taken into consideration the fact that the indicators (or measurements) must correlate with the change in business environment as well as ignored the fact that the market has never been more competitive than today. Measures must embrace and cover technical and business performance of IT in an integrated manner [8]. The measures also need to identify the costs and benefits of IS/IT project through prioritizing it and aligning with the strategic direction of organizations. It means taking into account the cost effectiveness and containment, embracing IT/business performance criteria and linking this to the strategic business direction and associated performance competitive of the organization. 2.3 IT components The IT components were used as base on determining the alignment model. The five main IT components are [9][10] * Software - computer program that manages and coordinates the computer hardware components in information system. * hardware - ??? * network and communication - multiple hardware and software for sharing data and resources thru the links or channels. * people and skill - the core of any work including skill of IT workers. * procedure and standard -

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