Evaluating the Research Process Essay

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Evaluating the Research Process Rebecca Persinger HCS/465 April 9, 2012 Donald J. Steacy Childhood Obesity The author of this article talks about the increasing number of obese children in America and what it will take to have healthy and nutritious school lunch programs provided to school children. During a survey performed by the author on many children who are suffering from obesity in America and the health problems these unhealthy school lunches are creating, the lunches were analyzed based on content of nutritional value and how harmful school lunches are to children. The author suggests a more nutritious and healthy lunch will help children’s obesity decrease so children will not have health issues linked to obesity and…show more content…
A moral standard, known as beneficence, is known to increase and encourage analysis participant well-being. Another moral standard is known as nonmalfeasance wherein an analyst has certain needs that are not harmful to members and involves honest and even procedures (Hooker, 2009). If an analyst has questions relating to human beings taking part in an analysis, an informed approval must first be offered. Independence requires members to have complete consciousness of all aspects of the analysis and individuals who provide approval to the analysis. Another element critical to an effective analysis is secrecy as it requires member approval. Individuals will not participate in an analysis if not assured of secrecy and any information he or she provides is kept top secret. A participant’s information should be guaranteed to be kept secret, and the only way that can be happen is to make sure numbers are associated with individuals instead of his or her actual name (Hooker, 2009). The analyst should use analysis ethical standards that offers tips and guarantees members freedom from harm when carrying out an analysis. It is essential for the analysis to center on required conduct because ethics is regarded as a conduct norm to tell the difference between unsatisfactory and satisfactory behaviors of humans in a modern society. To guarantee ethical conduct is conducted properly the ethical standards expected are specified for the analyst to help him
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