Evaluating the Risk of Gender and Cultural Differences in International Organizations

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Evaluation of the Risk of Gender Cultural Differences In International Organizations Objective The objective of this study is to evaluate the risk of gender cultural differences in international organizations and to assess the risk of assigning female staff pivotal roles in the organization's global effort. This study will answer as to where the American female business executive fits into the global endeavor considering the perceptions found in the global environment in terms of posing risks to the firm's success. Introduction The work of Mahiya and Takabatake (nd) entitled "Effects of Gender and Culture on Risk Assessment During Decision Making" reports that decision making, "an integral component of daily life" varies greatly in what is a complex process and "important to understand because it is influenced by factors that everyone relates to such as gender and culture." (p.3) Everyday choices are made by the individual but it is noted that decision making "can also be affected by the decisions of others such as intimate family or friends, or as public as the government." (Mahiya and Takabatake, nd, p.3) I. Gender Based Decision Making Decision making can be understood as "a sequential process that requires the individual to go through mental steps before coming to a conclusion. Some of the steps involve recognizing that a decision must be made, integrating previous knowledge to assess the present circumstances, producing alternative solutions, evaluating
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