Evaluation And Applied Research Methods

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Workshop in evaluation and applied research methods
Question 1
Occupational health psychology workshop
In the first workshop, Professor Semmer introduced Occupational health psychology in general. Because of its crucial role in work setting, more programs aiming at improving occupational health are flourishing. This is where evaluation is needed.
The purpose of Occupational health psychology is to improve the quality of work life, and to protect and promote safety, health and well-being of workers (“Occupational health psychology,” 2010). Initially, occupational health psychology was used to be called “occupational stress”, which indicates that stress is one of the most important sources of work-related injures and diseases. Individuals being in long-term stress tend to be influenced both psychologically and somatically. Psychologically, people in stress will be low self-esteem, lack of energy, more easily to burnout. Physically, it will be harder for them to go to sleep, and there is a higher risk for them to get cardiovascular problems and weaker immune system. Due to these outcomes, stressed-out individuals have a higher chance to turn to smoking, alcohol and drugs for avoidance from the reality, which further leads to poor performance at work and negative attitudes towards the organization. In addition to stress, the imbalances between demand and control, and effort and reward are threats to well-being as well.
In general, work is beneficial to individuals. Unemployed
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