Evaluation And Control Of Environmental Stresses And Occupational Health Hazards Arising From The Workplace

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PURPOSE: Establish standard work practices for the recognition, evaluation and control of environmental stresses or occupational health hazards arising from the workplace. SCOPE This procedure applies to the operation of the manufacturing processes located at the Company Name manufacturing facility in Cambridge, Ontario. Industrial Hygiene sampling will be conducted for Air Quality, Noise, Heat Stress and exposure to Isocyanates and Mercury. RESPONSIBILITIES: The Human Resources Manager will be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of Industrial Hygiene Program at Company Name - Cambridge. GENERAL PROCEDURES: 1. Industrial hygiene will be assessed during the Hazard Risk Assessment for all new equipment and or…show more content…
Service providers shall ensure that sampling methods are in accordance with legislative or recognized hygiene sampling methods, and that the method used is certified by an accredited laboratory. . 5. Documentation pertaining to Industrial Hygiene (e.g. industrial hygiene sampling results, analytical data, equipment calibration and repair data), will be maintained by the Human Resources Manager and files stored in the Human Resources Manager office. 6. Air and or Noise surveys will be conducted every three (3) years, or when-ever new equipment or processes are introduced to the facility. The results of these reports will be posted on the Health & Safety Notice board and copies will be issued to the Joint Health and Safety Committee. 7. Where required, employees who are exposed to isocyanates or mercury in the workplace, or who have held positions in which they had exposure will be included in the Medical Surveillance Program as identified in and in accordance with R.R.O. 1990, Designated Substance Regulation 842, and 844, and the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 8. Results of the Medical Surveillance Program will be kept by the service provider, in accordance with applicable Designated Substance Regulation. 9. Results of the monitoring levels of both air and noise surveys will be retained by Pride for a twelve (12) year period. 10. A Heat
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