Evaluation And Development Of A Performance Appraisal

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A performance appraisal is a documentation of the employees review, evaluation and development so I believe that the best performers, the kiss-ups and the take-no-prisoner type of workers all have the same chance of being winners in a performance appraisal, regardless of what we think of them. They each have a little something extra that management looks for in a worker. Personally, the top performers in the company would be my choice as the winner, but the kiss-ups usually have a special place in the heart of certain managers that take complete advantage of these workers who literally jump through hoops for them. There are some that may not have much to stand on for sizable pay increases, but they sure appreciate being needed by their boss and their boss depends on them just the same. Unfortunately, the take-no-prisoners are not always liked very well by coworkers, but usually they perform well and it is about how they are perceived by their manager. People who are the company’s best performers do not really feel the need to kiss up or throw others under the bus to make themselves look better. It shows in their work and usually their behavior. Performance appraisals are an important tool for both employee and employers and if there is not a high level of equity involved in the appraisals, they can also be meaningless and ineffective to the employer and the employee. It is very important that employees feel they are receiving a reasonable and fair outcome according

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