Evaluation And Evaluation Of Preservice Foster Parents

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An Overview
This thesis addresses the evaluation of preservice foster parents training. To determine its value, effectiveness, and outcomes, the thesis is divided into two separate studies. Where the focus is on providing empirical evidence on how preservice training improves the quality of parenting and its contribution to the care of children once they leave their natural home environment. Specifically, the thesis addresses the ability and the validity of preservice training in providing potential foster parents with the knowledge of five competencies that represent the core of the training program. At the beginning of the thesis, the researcher has defined the term "foster parent" as "resource parent." Reflecting the need to expand the term to include the foster parent, kinship carers, and adoptive parents. Moreover, the thesis is developed as a research study with the approval and sponsorship of the Ontario Association of Children 's Aid Societies (OACAS). Consequently, the thesis, as a research study, has followed the models, rules and regulation of OACAS anticipating to address the purpose of the study. Specifically, the purpose of the study was adopted and implemented in the year 2005 by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. In addition to, it was defined as, "…to meet the needs of children and families being referred to child welfare agencies more effectively" (p. 8). Furthermore, the thesis was divided into two separate exploratory studies using multi-method…
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