Evaluation : Client And Family Evaluation

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RUNNING HEAD: Evaluation Client and Family Evaluation Bonnie Quick Ivy Tech Community College-Bloomington The family unit A healthy family should create and sustain an environment which promotes emotional and physical health and psychological well-being of its members. To fulfill this function, families should know how to nurture, support, encourage, protect, teach, create boundaries and structure, and work together as a team. Steven and his family have had addiction as part of their live for many years. Steven has all his adult life, and his sister Elizabeth has for all of her life. Steven’s mother, Sally brought him to the interview, but was hesitant to be a part of the interview. As for Steven, he blames his family for everything bad in his life. His family history includes a mother who is in recovery and a father that he hasn’t seen in four years, who "drinks all of the time." Steven’s sister, Elizabeth, age 15, reportedly does not drink or use drugs. Genogram “Intergenerational family therapy is focused on families over generations. A genogram can be constructed to help family member’s recognize patterns in their family’s history (Eric E. McCollum, Terry S. Trepper, 2007, p. 22). The genogram that was completed on this family shows conflict and hostile in all the adult relationships. It also showed that substance abuse has been multigenerational. The import summary from the genogram showed “3 Geno Maps, 7 Individuals and 10 Emotional Relationships”.
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