Evaluation Criteria for Text Sources

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Evaluation Criteria for Text Sources Title and Author of Source: Enoch, Jessica and Jordynn, Jack. "Remembering Sappho: new perspectives on teaching and writing women's rhetorical history." College English 73(5): pp. 518-537. Print. (Copy). Retrieved from: ProQuest Database. [Accessed on 31 May 2012]. First, consult the document entitled "Guidelines for Evaluating Sources". Then judge the credibility of the all the sources you located (use one worksheet for each source) according to each of the following criteria. Rate it by highlighting the appropriate term (excellent, good, fair or poor) and explain your reason for your choice, drawing on the suggested criteria below each item. Authority: Excellent Good Fair Poor Reason for evaluation: The authors at hand are both academics whose work regarding Sappho was published in the peer-reviewed journal, College English. The authors are multiple-time contributors to this journal as well as others in the field and the work itself consists of fully-reputable research and opinion that is backed with relevant research and facts. Judgment based on author's credentials, whether publisher or sponsoring organization is reputable author is a specialist in field there is evidence that an expert reviewed the publication Coverage: Excellent Good Fair Poor The coverage at hand consists of a focus on Sappho as a poet and one of the world's most early feminists who understood the roles that women and their respective pasts
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