Evaluation For Candidacy For A Kidney Transplant

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Chief Complaint: Evaluation for candidacy for a kidney transplant. Medical History: A 48-year-old Caucasian female, with history of CKD stage 5 in the setting of longstanding insulin dependent diabetes mellitus type 1, presented for evaluation for candidacy for a kidney transplant. The patient has multiple cardiovascular comorbidities including peripheral vascular disease, aortoiliac disease, complications from diabetes including nephropathy, and neuropathy and vascular [_1:14], limited physical capacity.

Renal History:
The patient was not seeking medical help for many years. She started to follow the physicians for the last few years. She had some CKD that is progressing to stage 5 recently. Her kidney disease is attributed to longstanding insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. She has never had a kidney biopsy done. Her last creatinine is 3.8 with an estimated GFR of 13. She had 4.5 proteinuria in July 2015. She is still not on dialysis yet. She will be starting peritoneal dialysis when it is medically indicated. She has not been evaluated for kidney or pancreas transplant in the past.

Cardiovascular History:
The patient has never had a cardiac catheterization done. No history of coronary artery disease. She has had hypertension diagnosed for the last few years, but prior to that, she was not seeking medical attention. Currently, her blood pressure is controlled with medications. No history of stroke. She has extensive history of peripheral vascular…

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