Evaluation Methodology. The Main Question This Evaluation

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EVALUATION METHODOLOGY The main question this evaluation seeks to answer is “Is the after-school tutoring program at Neighborhood Christian Center Jackson effective?” This is imperative to be used to carry out the research effectively thereby, drawing upon accurate findings, for which previous research and prior works that have been conducted is the domain earlier could be studied and referred. In addition, to conducting primary, which is important, to gain comprehensive insight to the effects produced upon students who attend Neighborhood Christian Center Jackson, along with the framework which is typically used to deliver well-rounded results. Evaluations will be designed to address both formative evaluation and summative evaluation.…show more content…
Data will also be collected from surveys given to parents and teachers regarding students. Surveys will be administered at the beginning of the school year before the program starts and again in the end of the year when the program has ended. Human subjects will be protected because parents and teachers will be asked to complete all surveys anonymously placing no names on surveys. Data Analysis Each aspect of the evaluation design provides information for triangulation. Interviews will allow the program’s evaluator to understand how teachers and schools are using the program, student and teacher involvement in the program. Qualitative data will be used to gather a summative view of student performance after the service intervention. All quantitative analyses will be performed on Statistical Packing for Social Sciences (SPSS) 19.0. EVALUATION FINDINGS This section of the report is organized around the findings of the Neighborhood Christian Center Jackson evaluation. Guided by the following questions: 1) What evidence is there to suggest that the after-school program is having an impact on student’s mathematics and language, 2) Do the site create a safe learning environment for students, 3) Do students get to engage in a variety of activities that account for the various language, and learning style differences. QUANTITATIVE FINDINGS Population The
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