Evaluation Of A Business Management

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4.0 Business Management

4.1 Introduction

Management plays an important role in an enterprise because a start-up company without solid business management skills will easily fail as a result (Kiznyte, Welker, Dechange, 1). Therefore, I.V. Fresh, a mobile application that is designed to deliver fresh food to customers in Isla Vista (I.V.) within 24 hours, should establish strict management methods and rules to have a successful beginning. As seen in Figure 4.1, our company mainly has three principals to run the company. One of them is chosen as the chief executive officer to create partnerships with local farmers and large grocery stores. As a start, the enterprise has a total of 11 members including the three principals, 7 drivers, and 1 storage officer. Headquartered in Isla Vista, I.V. Fresh offers fresh food from local farmers and groceries from large supermarkets.

Figure 4.1 Overview of the Company’s Management Structure

4.2 Board of Directors

There is a board of directors of I.V. Fresh App to set down the company management related policies and regulations. Every three years, the board of directors has a discussion meeting to choose the new chief executive officer of I.V. Fresh App. The new executive officer can be the same with the previous one if more than half of the members vote for him/her. Also, the board members have a general meeting each month to determine the company 's major issues and examine the quality of the corporate strategy. Today, the boards in
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