Evaluation Of A Business Project Essay

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In general, there are four areas that need to be considered for the end-user of this product to have a pleasant and meaningful interaction with it. First, the structure of the interface. It is critical that the environment have both flexibility and easy-of-use. Given that the average user of this project can be considered to be relatively “technically savvy,” it is reasonable to provide them with a detailed level of configuration such that they are comfortable programming in the environment. The editor should have variety of options for settings as simple as syntax highlighting colors or as complex as text completion preferences. Second, the manner in which the user interacts with the interface needs to be refined. Precedents in this space already exist, the iPython Notebook3 being the most popular. This software functions with an input-output format wherein the user works on a block of code and then runs it to see the result. However, this model has several flaws were it to be used as the format of this project: it lacks true interactivity — the user is constrained to a “question and answer” model rather than provided with an inspectable, “living” code. Third, the manner in which output is displayed has to be given careful consideration. For example, should the output be constrained to two-dimensional visualizations? It may be that certain data structures are more clearly elucidated in three dimensional space. Additionally, should the visualized output itself be allowed to
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