Evaluation Of A Car Rental System

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Car Rental System is user-friendly application software which is used by the employee to manage the cars information, manage the customer’s information and handle the rental process. This system handles the complete computerization regarding the transactions and provides the following facilities Employee login, adds cars to the system, checks the availability of the cars and calculates the rent amount The main objective of this project is to develop a tool which helps the agency’s in renting there cars. This project mainly focuses on letting the owner from a centralized location to monitor the car rental systems from multiple locations and to allow to configure a particular zone of the offices and…show more content…
Where Database provides information about various cars and costing. The organization uses a windows system for reserving, renting, register and to keep record of all the rental activities and customer information. Car Rental system gives car rental service for local customers. This organization carries out its daily work by providing; their service to the customers that will be make easy reservations. Employees will be able to interface with the system via database and store all the required information like login credentials, vehicle number, and location. The system will provide communication to a centralized Access database system. SCOPE: The scope of the system is confined to office of car rental services. The application is installed on the computer of the car rental services and is used by the staff of the rental services. OBJECTIVES • There should be password based security to protect the customers and car information from unauthorized users. • First of all one particular car cannot be double booked for two customers for the same period • The system should have validation for the customer details to stop invalid data being entered. • All customers should have a driving license number • By searching customer’s first name or last name, all the customer information can be viewed and the cars he/she hired before. • The system must have a similar interface as spreadsheet and the staff are comfortable
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