Evaluation Of A Case Study On The Quality Of Patient Care

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Introduction: Case Study.
Evidence- Based Practise is when Researchers used recent clinical information in making choices on the quality of patient care needs and this involves the combination of the best available evidence with clinical expertise, but also not for getting patient’s values, circumstance and consideration of clinical practice context. (Hoffman, Bennet &Del Mar 2013).

This essay will first commence with discussion of problems to be addressed and the rationale for its selection. Secondly it will discuss the answerable question used to guide the search for evidence to be outlined. Thirdly identify the location of the best available evidence to answer the question. Furthermore, it will follow by appraisal of the evidence and resources to answer the question, implementation of the evidence and relevant findings into clinical practice. Then finally, the evaluation of the success of the recommendation of intervention will be of outcome processes and last but least conclusion of the case study.

Problem and Answerable Question
In this case study, Mrs Harold is 86 years old male who has been unwell. If even though he is married, he lives together with his wife in Supported residential care facility. MrHarold has been upset by his wife detoriating health condition which has potentially affected his health according to the case study given. Mr Harold has been diagnosed with enlarged prostate cancer with its symptoms such as headache, palpitation, anxiety, trouble…
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