Evaluation Of A Case Study

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Analysis of a case Study

Background information about this client in this case study is as followers. The patient is a 30 year old female who has been experiencing signs and symptoms of weakness, numbness, visual disturbances and mood swings over for couple months now. Since client symptoms were becoming a repetition, so CT test was done and the result confirmed a demyelination of the white matter of brain and spinal cord, helping the doctor to conclude this is a factor to why the client is experiences this neurological deficits. Client doctor prescribed her Prednisone which has a positive affect helping to confirm the client diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Researchers have concluded that Multiple Sclerosis occurs whereby the patient’s own immune system attacks the protein that is found in the myelin sheath and this result in the demyelination of the myelin sheath. So when there is lost of myelin in one’s body, blocking of the action potential propagation occurs and this lead to the patient to experience the sign and symptoms, the client physical weakness especially balance and coordination in her lower extremities played a role in affecting the client. Factors that could trigger this disorder includes: infection, physical injury, emotional stress, excessive fatigue and even client who is in a poor state of their health. There are four main types of Multiple Sclerosis which are Relapsing remitting, primary-progressive, Secondary-Progressive and Progressive-
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