Evaluation Of A Chemical Called Mineral Spirits 75 And We Are Looking For

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We are looking for a chemical called Mineral Spirits 75 and we are evaluating one of three Citgo Refining companies the Citgo Refinery in Lemont, IL, and applying their sustainability practices to the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines to determine if this company is suitable supplier for the chemical we are looking for. The EHS guidelines are a series of documents that gives of examples of Good International Industry Practice for short GIIP. These guidelines contain levels and expectations that are considered to be met in the facility with current equipment and costs. In total there are eight performance standards in the EHS guidelines but at this time I will go in depth with performance standards 3 and 4 to decide if Citgo qualifies for our business. Performance standards 3 stated more economic activity will generate more air water and land pollution. Economic activity, for example, a significant amount of people moving from rural areas to more urban areas can have an effect on pollution and the consumption of resources. This process is known as urbanization, when population change requires society to adapt. Excessive economic activity will consume finite resources to the point where it may threaten living conditions for people and environment damages at the local regional and global levels. We are also worried that the current and projected concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG) in our atmosphere can threaten people’s health and welfare of present and the…
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