Evaluation Of A Classroom At The School Age Child 's Theory Of Mind Essay

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Tenasha Stephens
Developmental Concept Paper 2

According to the textbook, a memory strategy is the deliberate mental activities individuals use to store and retain information (Berk, 437, 5). For example, if a student named Sarah has many words to remember for a project, she can use rehearsal to effectively remember the necessary words. Rehearsal is an activity that involves repeating the information to herself. Additionally, language expertise predicts the development of rehearsal in the early grade school years, perhaps because a clear vocabulary size and ability to automatically name items is required for children to use the strategy (Berk, 437, 5). In an educational setting, teachers can encourage students to try this strategy to prepare for assessments! Teachers can play a huge role in promoting this effective strategy to the class in order for the students to be aware that this strategy is an option!
Recursive thought
When it comes to discussing the school-age child’s theory of mind, recursive thought plays a huge role in the appreciation of second-order false belief. Second-order false belief allows a child to understand why another person believes a certain belief (Berk, 441, 1). In order for a child to be able to come to this conclusion, recursive thought must be used. A form of perspective taking is called recursive thought and is considered the ability to view a situation from at least two perspectives, which includes reasoning instantaneously about…

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