Evaluation Of A Classroom Management

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Classroom management is a set of methods and skills used by educators to assist students in being more organized, alert, thoughtful, disciplined as well as being more academically productive. Classroom management when used correctly and effectively can help teachers maintain and control behaviors that may hinder learning for the class or a particular student, while at the same time maximizing behaviors that enhance learning for the students (Classroom Management, 2014). A practice that can contribute to an effective classroom management could be an entry routine. An entry routine is a method that teachers use to establish a consistent schedule that begins when the students enter the classroom each and every day. This routine could be pre-arranged seat assignments, students passing in assignments due, having books, paper and pencils ready or having a “warm-up” activity at the beginning of class. This type of routine helps maintain order in the classroom and avoids wasting valuable learning time at the beginning of the class (Classroom Management, 2014). In addition to entry routine, another excellent example of classroom management at the beginning of class can be a Do Now. A Do Now is an activity that the students are given at the start of class, which is usually a written response to a question on the board. This activity gets students ready for class by getting the students focused and prepared for instructions (Classroom Management, 2014). A final example of a
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