Evaluation Of A Classroom Referral Records

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During the first year, the program coordinator would administer the pre-assessment and gather results. Those results would then be presented at the first DRS meeting along with the common assessment data from Illuminate provided by the math and language arts teachers. Throughout the rest of the year, in six week interval during DRS; common assessment data would be analyzed to monitor THINK Together student growth. Twice a trimester, the administrative team would document GPA’s in student progress reports and report cards, and report findings during DRS meetings. Lastly, at the end of the year, the site coordinator would conduct a post-assessment, and come together as a program evaluation team to share data results. The same process would repeat itself year after year to monitor the programs influence on academic achievement. To evaluate students engagement over their entire middle school experience, attendance records, Healthy Kids Survey, classroom referral records with teacher notes, student focus group, and again THINK Together’s pre and post assessment results would also be part of the evaluation process. Attendance records provided by the attendance clerk, would be analyzed by the evaluation team at the end of the year meeting, to find a correlation between students regularly school attendance and THINK Together attendance. The Healthy Kids Survey provided by the administrative team, referrals with teacher notes, and student focus group interviews would be analyzed at

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