Evaluation Of A Clinical Supervision Project

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After completing my clinical supervision project, I can reflect on multiple things I have learned about myself as a supervisor, including my approach to clinical supervision, my conference skills, and my strengths and weaknesses. I now recognize more than ever that effective supervisors must consistently self-assess their practice and make adjustments as necessary for continuous improvement, just as effective teachers do.

Throughout the clinical supervision process, it became apparent that I have strengths and weaknesses that relate to each step of the process. My most notable strengths were related to my conference skills. For example, I am comfortable working with people, and believe I make others feel comfortable working with me. I listen well, and genuinely want to help teachers to improve, which I believe comes across in my communication with teachers. Working with teachers collaboratively seems to yield effective results, and I was able to develop strong ideas for each teacher, both in terms of goals for their observations, and their action plans moving forward after their post-conferences. During the observation portion of the project, I believe I showed some strength in collecting data about each teacher and their classes. I was able to collect a large amount of data in only one class. In theory, I believe supervisors have the responsibility of getting to know each teacher individually, including their unique teaching styles and individual areas in need of
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