Evaluation Of A Critical Appraisal Essay

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A critical appraisal was completed to assess the value of the research study conducted by Batch & Windsor (2014). This was completed through the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP), which is a tool used to evaluate different research articles (CASP, 2014). I assessed that this article has significance, particularly for the nursing profession. Nevertheless, sections of this article could have been further developed by expanding the topic through using a greater variety of hospital settings and more diverse patient populations. Ethnography in the healthcare setting has been examined in the Nursing 1028 course. This article used an ethnographic framework to develop further assessment on such elements such as culture, disparities and gain comprehension of how nurses communicate (Batch & Windsor, 2014). The CASP tool allows for a comprehensive and structured method to appraise research articles. To start, two questions are used to determine if the other eight questions should be examined. The first question is to evaluate if there is a well-understood assertion of the objectives in the study (CASP, 2014). Batch & Windsor (2014) found a gap in the literature because prior studies have not been conducted on how casual employment could impact teamwork dynamics. This research has relevance since it creates understanding that casual labour could prevent these workers from forming collaborative bonds with the workplace. The article discussed that full-time work allowed for
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