Evaluation Of A Customer Relation Assignment

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This paper discusses the results of a customer relation assignment which was designed to create knowledge through observation. Three different healthcare service organizations were observed for this assignment. This technique provided ample amounts of information on how different healthcare facilities handled customer relations. The paper is written from a first person point-of-view and covers the following information such as, the type of the organization visited and services provided by each of them. The paper will continue to explain the process required to obtain information and the willingness to offer information from the organizations. Further the paper will divulge my feelings regarding customer service at each facility and what changes I would have made in order to make the experience better. The three healthcare facilities visited in order to complete this assignment are Breachtree Dental Center, Oakwood Healthcare Clinic, and unit 2 West at Sinai Grace Hospital in the city of Michigan. The first organization that I visited was Breachtree Dental Center located in Westland, Michigan. This organization provides care to adults and children who need dental care. There are several dental services offered by this center: oral cancer screenings, bridges, root canals, osseous surgery, veeners and dental implants. The entire environment is warm and comfortable, patients have the options to watch TV, read magazines, or even have a warm cup of coffee while they wait in
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